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07 Mar 2024

Non-dom tax reforms - March 2024 Budget

Following on from what we deem to be a very desperate attempt riddled with erroneous judgment calls by Mr Hunt, this budget was less for the people but more about the party and politics.

Rajiv Mehta

13 Feb 2024

Year End Tax Planning Guide 2024

The run up to the end of the tax year on 5 April 2024 is a good time to make sure that your family and business finances are arranged in the best way possible.

22 Dec 2023

Keep Calm And Merry On Accounting

Another year almost gone and as we bid farewell to the twists and turns of this eventful year, Financial Angels extends our heartfelt gratitude for allowing us to be your trusted companions on the financial journey.

Rajiv Mehta | 5 min read

21 Nov 2023

Unlocking Tax Efficiency with Alphabet Shares: A Deep Dive into UK Company Law

In the complex realm of UK company law, one intriguing avenue to explore is the concept of alphabet shares.

Rajiv Mehta | 7 min read

12 Oct 2023

Maximizing Wealth and Legacy: The Power of Family Investment Companies (FICs)

Welcome to a realm where financial wisdom and family legacy converge – the realm of Family Investment Companies (FICs).

Rajiv Mehta | 5 min read

21 Sep 2023

Unlocking Financial Success: Your money, Your rules, Our expertise

Welcome to our inaugural blog post at Financial Angels! We continue to be your trusted partners in navigating the intricacies of accountancy and tax services in the United Kingdom.

Rajiv Mehta | 3 min read


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